Drainage - High Pressure Water Jetting

jettingIf you have a blocked drain, you need the problem solved quickly and efficiently by a reliable local drainage contractor. You want a contractor who’s going to be punctual, you want a professional but friendly engineer to clear the blocked drain, inform you why it was blocked and guarantee the drain is not going to block up again. You would also want the engineer to do all of this for a fair price, right?

This is where Leaks and Blockages Limited comes in, we have been clearing drains effectively, at a very fair price and crucially getting the job done quickly since our inception in 1993.

When clearing your drains we may use drainage rods or for more stubborn blockages, high pressure water jetting is an alternative approach. Our extensive range of high-pressure water jetting units are diesel powered and van packed for easy access and parking.

IMG 20130212 134022-2These high-pressure water jetting units send individual jets of water at 440 mph to the internal drain wall stripping or cutting any deposit from above or underground drains. These units range from 3000psi @ 15gpm to 5000psi @ 9gpm.

Should our larger machines be unable to reach the blockage, for example tower blocks or multi buildings, we also have electrically operated High Pressure Water Jet machines.

No matter what the problem with your drains you can rest assured we will have seen and resolved the issue many times before so please do not hesitate contact us today on 07961 065897, our friendly staff will be only too pleased to help.

Drainage - jetting accessories
All of our jetting units have a full array of various jetting nozzles for carrying out all types of drain clearance and maintainence.