Drainage Division - Combination Units

gullywhale1At the top of our drainage division are the combination units. These can be used in large bore work for cleansing and can also be used for extraction of floodwater, petrol interceptors and roadside gullies.

Having a diverse fleet allows us to carry out a variety of work for our customers and deal with every type of heavy duty requirement.

The combination units are designed to clear large bore pipelines and culverts and for the collection of wet and dry materials, including heavy sludge, compacted sewage and solids such as bricks and bottles.

combination-unit1These machines operate at 2000psi @ 50gpm and 2000psi @ 97gpm and again with our range of specialist jetting nozzles, root cutting, concrete and silt removal can be allowed.

Leaks and Blockages Limited also have a Civil Division for excavation and renewal or repair of all types of service pipework of any diameter.

No matter what the problem with your drains you can rest assured we will have seen and resolved the issue many times before so please do not hesitate contact us today on 07961 065897 our friendly staff will be only too pleased to help.